Sara & Nick

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Hanbury Manor Hotel | January 2020
Sara contacted me on facebook regarding her wedding photography, she told me that she was based in Australia of all places, and was having a blessing in the uk where all of their family and friends are from. usually you would see people trying to flee the uk to get married, in sara and nicks circumstances they were coming to the uk. Thankfully it didnt snow, although i am sure some would love snow on their wedding day, but sara was pleased it stayed away. this was my first time shooting a wedding at hanbury manor, so i was quite excited.
Sara & Nick actually tied the knot legally in aus, so they had a blessing here in the uk, so all their family and friends could celebrate with them. i met sara for the first time in her room getting ready, i always find it weird when i dont meet the bride or groom until the wedding day. Something even weirder is seeing the groom coming in the same room that the bride is getting married, soon remembering that they are already married & i dont need to kick him out, haha!
Once the blessing was done, everyone moved into the bar area, it was a very intimate wedding, with very close family and friends. We decided it was best to get group photos inside as it was pretty cold outside, we managed to get them done in the ceremony room, which was quite nice!
Speeches has been eaten, now all that is left to do, is drink, maybe eat a little more... and dance!
I hope you enjoy the images from Sara & Nick's blessing...