Nicola & Ryan

Nicola & Ryan


Tewin Bury Farm | September 2019
Nicola & Ryan got married at the lovely Tewin Bury Farm in September 2019. It was such a beautiful, relaxed wedding from beginning to end.

Getting Ready

Nicola got ready at her mums house with her mum and bridesmaids. Nicola was so relaxed, which made for a chilled atmosphere whilst everyone was getting ready. Bucks fizz going round, Nicolas mum saying every 2 minutes she was going to paint her toenails until she actually did haha, everyone talking about life in general and just having a real good time. I went between doing some detail shots to coming back down and getting some snaps of the bridesmaids getting their hair & make-up done. Nicola & Ryan's son came to see his mum for a bit in the morning and it's safe to say, he is THE cutest little boy.
Meanwhile, Ryan was getting ready at his house with his (new) best man. Unfortunately his original best man had to stand down, I guess your girlfriend going into labour with your first child is a good enough excuse right? Despite the fact he only had a few hours to prepare, the (new) best man done a pretty good if i do say so myself.
Before we knew it, it was ready for Nicola to get her dress on, she wore a Wed2b by the Anna Sorrano collection. It's safe to say she looked absolutely stunning in it.
After getting some snaps of Nicola & her brother outside the house and in the car I made my way to Tewin Bury for the Ceremony, with the bridesmaids in an old white London Taxi & Nicola and her brother in the Rolls Royce.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place in the stables, which had been decorated with a rustic feel and some lovely rustic flowers. I think its safe to say that Ryan was a tiny bit nervous, but I guess it is quite a daunting thing waiting for your beautiful future wife to walk down the aisle, and what bride isn't fashionably late?
It was clear to see that when they both met the pure love that they have for each other and i LOVE capturing that emotion, they didn't stop smiling through the whole ceremony. Especially when their son said "uh-oh" when the registrar declared them officially husband and wife, the whole room burst out in laughter, including myself!
After the ceremony we made a tunnel of guests that the couple walked down twice, once with confetti and the other with bubbles. I've never done a bubble tunnel before but I absolutely LOVED capturing it.
We had a couple of minutes before we were called in for the receiving line and before the reception started, so we went out and got a few natural couple shots over by the pagoda on the other side of the stables.

The Reception

After the receiving line everyone sat down for some well deserved dinner which was lovely! The speeches took place after dinner, which were quite unique. The (new) best man wrote his speech on some napkins, I guess we can let him off seeing as he didn't have long to prepare! A speech from Nicola's brother and also the groom himself, safe to say they both had me in stitches behind the camera!
Just after the speeches, there it was, something we had been dreading all day but you can never guarantee in England, that's right.....the weather. The heavens opened and it chucked it down, for about 10 minutes and then it was sunny again! As we had limited time before dinner we only got a couple of shots and I really wanted to make the most of Tewin Bury and get some lovely portrait shots for them both that they can cherish for a lifetime. We managed to get some beautiful shots where the sun was beaming down and also in some foliage too. I LOVE shooting through foliage. Especially when the groom gets his funny head on - I guess after marrying the girl of your dreams you are on cloud 9, & being able to capture this was a real privilege & they had me in stitches too!

The Evening

After some evening guests arrived, the couple had their first dance. Safe to say that the DJ knew exactly how to get everyone on the dance floor with some good tunes playing all through the night. We saw some rather interesting dancing to say the least...
After their first dance, I took them both outside for some silhouette shots which I love to do if the Bride and Groom are game!
It was a real privilege to photograph Nicola & Ryan's wedding, it always gives me pleasure walking away from a Wedding feeling like i've just made some new friends.
I hope you enjoy looking through a selection of their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them....