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Hi! I’m Rachel; I live in a little village in Hertfordshire with my partner Luke & I am the backbone and face of this business.

Each wedding is unique and special, the day that two lives become one & as a Wedding Photographer I a there to document the big and the small moments bursting with happiness that happen throughout your day.

As a relaxed photographer, posed and formal photographs aren’t really my thing, I create heartfelt, natural images that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

I am a pretty laid back and relaxed person anyway & so i bring this to the way I photograph your wedding. Following the action as it unfolds, capturing spontaneous and meaningful moments of you and your guests with my creative eye.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, then have a little peak at my wedding portfolio and click the link below if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your plans over coffee (or hot chocolate in my case!)


In 2009 I attended college to study photography – it wasn’t what I always wanted to do, I wanted to become a sports coach, but as soon as I picked up a camera and started learning the basics of how it works, I was hooked and knew I had found my purpose in life. I began photographing children, families, pets and even landscapes just to figure out how photography works, its not just learning what settings to use on a camera, its about having an eye for a photograph, how to make something that we see through our own human eye into a beautiful image that can be viewed for a lifetime. I left college in 2012 with a PASS and whilst working full time I still made sure I found time to build my business into the business you see today. I have pieced together this business from nothing, it has taken a lot of hard work to get to where I am today – don’t get me wrong there have been times where I have thought about throwing in the towel, but there is this little voice inside me that encourages me to carry on and to keep climbing as nothing in this world is easy!
My first wedding experience was in 2014 when my friend asked if I would photograph her wedding as I had done photoshoots for her in the past – how could I say no?! It was an exciting time and I was so grateful to have been given this chance to finally start building a real career within my photography. From 2014 I could feel my business growing underneath me, everything was just falling into place. As well as promoting & booking weddings, I captured smaller fine details of peoples lives, but still so rewarding. I would capture, newborns, family shoots at Christmas or in Autumn, being able to give someone an image that they can treasure for a lifetime fills me with such joy.
What’s next for Life Through A Lens (Rachel Ellis Photography)?
I would hope that one day I would be able to leave my full time job and become a wedding photographer full time. I want to be able to fulfil peoples dreams as well as my own.

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